Special Thanks To Past Contributors:

 Joan Kattenhorn, John Herman, Clark Crawford, "The Skunk Bay Friday Night Fire Club", Ken & Debby Replogle, Gary & Joanne Erickson Family, Les & Mary Williams, Cathy & Paul Wartes, Tom & Nancy Hogue, Stanley Smith, Betsy & Patrick Leuner, Paul & Ronda Sallup, James Archer, Norm Larsen


Contributions to this site will help build a reserve fund for equipment upgrades, maintenance and recurring expenses that continue to grow.  My intention is to provide a service to the "Weather Community" that is timely, accurate and professional.  I realized a while ago that if I fund my site within my own personal budget, it will be limited to my budget.  Thanks to past contributions I have been able to grow Skunk Bay Weather into the community service I dreamt of.  I am humbled and very grateful for the generosity of this community.


The challenge of operating a site like this is to be able to forecast and budget for the future.  I have never wanted to rely on donations.  I fund a majority of the expenses myself.  However, the recurring expenses are growing.  The potential offerings are becoming more expensive.


I would like to provide the opportunity for folks who visit my site to make very affordable donations.  Small, recurring contributions could play a huge role.  For example, a donation of $3 per month from 24 people would cover the cost of the critical high speed internet connection.  "Less is More" is a phrase I am very fond of. 


It is as simple as clicking the PayPal button below and entering a small affordable amount and check the "Monthly Recurring" box.  It is all automated and secure.  The payments can be credit or debit cards.  This type of contribution can play a huge role in funding future offerings


I never want anybody that visits my site to feel obligated to donate.  I have always wanted Skunk Bay Weather to be a public service.  If you feel inclined to contribute, I truly....truly appreciate your generosity, as will others who visit Skunk Bay Weather.


Thank you so much for your support.



Greg Johnson





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